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Robobloq Qoopers 6-in-1 Transformable Robot Kit-DEMO UNIT



DEMO UNIT. Used as exposition in our store - The best designed platform to learn robotics and programming

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Més informació

Summon your robot troop! Build your favorite robot with 174 metal and electronic parts, then control it with your phone! Command complex tasks with easy drag-and-drop programming! Wanna go deeper? Go professional by customizing its Arduino core!

The best designed platform to learn robotics and programming.

Do you want to build your own robot, but hate the wriggling cables and the rugged circuit boards? Then you'll like Qoopers. Qoopers is a transformable robot with extensive DIY capacity, and is made with anodized aluminium to have a mature look. Qoopers is also an expanding aluminium construction platform. You can build your own robots with growing options of sensors and parts, and go endless with your imagination.


Before you start to build, pick your favorite character to begin with! Qoopers has 6 members and each of them has different look and functions! And of course you can build any other forms as you want!

App Control

Meet the Robobloq app, the playground for everything about Qoopers. In the app, you can find assembling instructions for each official form. You can control Qoopers to move, play sounds, make faces, or even act to your programs!

Face Expressions

Qoopers has emotions, and apart from the presets, you can define more emotions using the LED Dots Matrix Customizing interface.

Obstacle Avoiding

Relax and just play! The ultrasonic sensor contributes to an obstacle avoiding mode. You're not going to hurt your Qoopers, or your furnitures.

Drag-and-Drop Programming

The easiest programming environment EVER! The "My Application" center is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 3.0. You can not only control Qoopers' actions in sequence, you can also use variables and loop commands to create sophisticated programs.

Lego Compatibility

Pick up your Lego blocks and play them the new way! Stack them on Qoopers and make a colorful robot!


Technical details

Dimensions 248mm x214mm x166mm
Weight G.W 1800g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Robobloq Qoopers 6-in-1 Transformable Robot Kit 1


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USHSCODE 90230000