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  • 57,50 € In stock

    We all live in a society obsessed by brand names and the latest gadget. Sometimes with reason sometimes with none.The RPI has one major problem with audio. The clocks coming from CPU can only output one frequency clock perfect (very close), resulting in major problems with audio files sampled at 44Khz (and multiple). Too much jitter on i2s clocks. So we...

    57,50 €
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  • 12,10 € In stock

    A Capacitance Multiplier is designed to make a small capacitor function like a capacitor that is much, much larger. This design reduces the output ripple/noise of any PSU to almost negligible levels (less than 5mV up to 1Mhz).

    12,10 €
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  • 14,65 € In stock

    Add the Cheapo with S/PDIF Shield to your Sparky SBC for added functionality!

    14,65 €
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  • 61,55 € In stock

    Every SBC has a crystal that it used to send digital signals to your DACs. The accuracy of this crystal is very important in how well the DAC will transform the digital signal into analog sounds. Simply put: a better crystal means a better sound! Most SBCs use a very cheap crystal with lots of jitter in order to save costs.

    61,55 €
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  • 29,45 € In stock

    There are many DACs for RPI Zero. Most of them low-priced, carbon copy of datasheet, slave DACs. We decided to do something different

    29,45 €
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  • 41,05 € In stock

    Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passed to LR) as a 2.2 (xover frequency is chosen in GUI) and subwoofer has 2 outputs or as a 2.1 (same as 2.2 but subwoofer is mono).

    41,05 €
    In stock
  • 28,57 € In stock

    Our PIANO Hi-Fi DAC Shield has been designed for those seeking audio perfection. Every detail has been thought of! First we start with 4 LDOs, one & two for the analog (avcc), the third for the digital (dvcc) and the fourth for the headphone amplifier.

    28,57 €
    In stock
  • 11,85 € In stock

    We had this power adapter made to specifications guaranteeing the lowest ripple and noise possible. This helps in the quest to achieve the highest possible sound quality. Includes interchangeable wall plug heads for US, EU and UK.

    11,85 €
    In stock
  • 33,70 € In stock

    Sparky Single Board Computer (SBC) is a credit card-sized board that can be used as a standalone computer, in electronics projects, games, and also in many other applications. A true open hardware, community-supported embedded computer for developers and hobbyists. The Sparky SBC has all the functionality of a basic computer.

    33,70 €
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  • 14,75 € In stock

    Add WiFi capabilities with the USB WiFi Dongle. At 300Mbps, you'll get great download/upload speeds. Plug in, and start surfing! Includes easy to setup driver.

    14,75 €
    In stock
  • 96,95 € Out of stock

    This fully assembled and tested kit gives you the hardware needed to do the Teensy Audio library tutorial. No soldering required. It's fully tested and ready to use.

    96,95 €
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  • 19,45 € Out of stock

    This audio adaptor lets you easily add high quality 16 bit, 44.1 kHz sample rate (CD quality) audio to your projects with Teensy 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 or 3.6. It supports stereo headphone and stereo line-level output, and also stereo line-level input or mono microphone input.

    19,45 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items