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  • Adafruit
  • Alhambra Bits
  • Allo
  • Arduboy
  • Arduino
  • BeagleBoard
  • BQ
  • LeMaker
  • MellBell
  • Onion
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  • Pycom
  • Raspberry Pi
  • PHPoC

    New era - Internet of Thing (IoT) has come up. There are a lot of the smart things have been created such as Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue-Smart Home Lighting, Apple Watch and HomeKit, Google Glass, The Air Quality Egg, Amazon Echo, etc.
    There may be some as great ideas as them in your mind, but you are not ready or hesitate to do it because of concerning about hardware design or your programming skill. Stop worrying about it. PHPoC helps you to quickly realize your idea, rapidly make your application prototyping. PHPoC lets you develop your application on embedded devices as easily as on your computer. With supported library, You can do something as big as you can imagine by some simple lines of codes without worrying about hardware design. Let PHPoC arouse your passion and inspire you to realize your imagination.

  • SolidRun
  • SparkFun
  • Teensy
  • Waveshare
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Résultats 1 - 12 sur 341.